Research Services

State-of-the-Art Data Analysis and Mapping Technology

In today’s dynamic real estate market where insider knowledge is of the essence, our real estate clients need access to fast, reliable, and accurate information more than ever. Such information assists them in making sound decisions, particularly when it comes to determining the best direction to take in their next real estate move. 

To serve the needs of our clients, Hanna Commercial Real Estate has made substantial investments in research technology. We have incorporated state-of-the-art hardware and software applications for site analysis as well as the latest equipment for presentation materials, and we take pride in our pledge to remain in sync with the ever-changing digital world. 

Our understanding of new technology and the latest devices allows our commercial real estate agents to present TourBook, marketing, and research materials effortlessly to our clients. Additionally, we can disseminate this information via email, through our proprietary secure website, or through third-party file-sharing applications. This provides our clients with timely, accurate information in an environmentally friendly format.

This approach allows our clients to see every detail that they choose while never losing sight of the big picture. Our available commercial real estate resources for clients include:

  • Radius demographic analysis
  • Drivetime demographic analysis
  • Custom trade-area polygon analysis
  • U.S. Post Office carrier route data
  • Digital aerial photography
  • Major retailer and shopping center maps
  • Primary business and industrial park maps

When you need research to inform your commercial real estate decisions, look no further than the skilled team at Hanna Commercial Real Estate. We offer comprehensive and timely information that is critical in any real estate decision, and we look forward to working closely with you as you plan your next real estate transaction.