Lawrenceville Real Estate Market Expands

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Lawrenceville Real Estate Market Expands

We told you in our newsletter about the deal we just closed in Lawrenceville, but you might be surprised at the expanse of its real estate market. Lawrenceville has been known in recent years for its draw and increasing property values; however, just how far do those property values reach?

When we think of Lawrenceville, the most commonly recognized hot spots include the shops and restaurants along Butler Street in the 3000-4000 blocks. Traveling further north along Butler Street eventually brings one to Stanton Heights, just across the Allegheny River from Sharpsburg. That is where you will find 5637 Butler Street, a 13,000 square foot warehouse listed and sold by Jay Phoebe and Brendan McManus of Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis. Owners of property in this area may not expect to realize such high property values, but that is exactly what is happening. Our team has expert insider knowledge of this market, and countless others, helping our clients to realize those higher property values.

You might say that soon enough, this hot market will spill over into Sharpsburg, and you would be correct. According to NEXTPittsburgh, a site referred to as Riverfront 47, spanning 30-acres along 1.5 mles of the Allegheny River, just received substantial funding to fast-track the development. News of this site further demonstrates the notion that nearby Etna and Millvale expect to experience rapid growth as well. We are excited to see what the future holds in store for this region.

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