John DiIanni

John DiIanni

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker


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John started his real estate career in 1986. As a result of his many years in the business, his real estate specialization and expertise is quite widespread:

  • Grew up in a family of builders in the Boston, Mass, area and is quite knowledgeable in residential construction
  • Early in his real estate career, he negotiated and was responsible for the staffing, marketing and sale of over 28 new construction developments throughout the area
  • One of the first Certified Real Estate Appraiser Instructors in the state and has personally taught hundreds of New York State’s Certified Appraisers.  John is considered quite an expert in the real estate valuation process.
  • A NYS Certified Real Estate Agent Instructor and Real Estate Broker Instructor and has prepared thousands of agents and brokers throughout the state for their license exam.  He has taught and lectured in the leading real estate training centers of New York.
  • He is a member of The American Institute of Real Estate Exchangers and is a Certified Real Estate Exchange Advisor.  He’s quite knowledgeable at helping real estate investors defer payment of capital gains tax.
  • Until recently, John has owned a real estate mortgage brokerage, a real estate title insurance agency and a real estate settlement company.
  • In partnership with another real estate investor, he has purchased, remodeled, leased and managed over 150 apartment units throughout the Capital Area.