Accelerated Real Estate Auction Sales

While accelerated sales are a specialized area of real estate marketing, they do offer a unique method of sale for owners who (1) are time sensitive, (2) are seeking to protect equity, or (3) wish to project a particular asset to a national real estate market to maximize value. Our Hanna Commercial Accelerated Marketing Programs are designed to maximize price for a particular asset or group of assets, while at the same time providing a predictable time of sale. We have been active in the sale of all types of real estate including office, industrial, retail, hospitality, historic/unique properties, income producing, and new development residential.

Hanna Commercial has been able to fully integrate the specialty of real estate auctions along with our negotiated sales capabilities throughout North America. We can effectively implement a program in almost any location in the U.S. or Canada utilizing both the knowledge of our local commercial brokers and the global reach of TCN Worldwide. We find that our program of high-profile brokerage services coupled with our wide exposure through a real estate auction brings more serious prospects and focuses more attention on valuable real estate assets than can be accomplished through traditional negotiated means. We have developed a database from our various accelerated real estate offerings that allows us to access thousands of serious prospects.